1. These are causing so much controversy in my house. Bitches be hatin #donthatemecusyouaintme

  4. Weddings are my fav. #table5iswhereitsat

  5. Alfiepoos and his ostrich.

  6. Me and this little bundle of fun tonight aaaa #outonthetiles

  7. Sam Smith absolutely killing it. #notomorrowfestival

  8. #photobooth #bantsinourpants #notomorrowfestival xo

  10. #sausagefingers o u alryt

  11. I know it’s a generic nail picture but I post what I want don’t I? Only thing my sister is good for.. Painting ma nailzzz

  12. Dat aztec print doe

  13. Just because I wanted to

  14. Cute little baby shower cupcake :-) #icklefeet